A fireproof oil tank allows placement adjacent to buildings and boundaries

Fire rated oil tank

Conventional heating oil tanks have to be isolated from other structures to reduce the risk a fire originating from a building spreading to the oil tank. Under Building Regulations, minimum fire separation distances are required from other structures. These can severely limit the possible locations for siting a replacement oil tank. External non-combustible fire barriers can potentially be used – which have to extend at least 300mm higher and wider than any part of the tank – to allow a conventional tank to be sited closer to an adjacent building.

An alternative to an external fire barrier is a fireproof oil tank, which provides huge placement flexibility. We supply and install plastic and steel fire rated oil tanks from Tuffa Tanks. For a free survey and quote, please contact us now.

To some, Building Regulations are a real frustration as they require minimum fire separation distances from surrounding structures, which can severely limit the placement of a replacement oil tank, particularly if a previous old tank has been incorrectly sited. We are sometimes asked to turn a blind eye to unsatisfactory oil tank placement. As much as we want to help you. For your safety, as much as we want to help you, we cannot do this. Placing a standard oil tank too close to surrounding structures can significantly increase the risk of fire, which could put you and your family at risk.

The good news is that an affordable fireproof tank could be the perfect answer to fully meeting Building Regulations. We install fire protected oil tanks from Tuffa Tanks. Fire rated tanks (also known as fire resistant oil tanks) offer the same functionality as other conventional oil tanks, with the added benefit of highly increased safety for you and your home. Fireproof tanks have an integrally fitted flame-retardant material that acts as a barrier between fire and the oil inside the tank. Because of the increased safety features, there are fewer limitations on where a fire proof tank can be installed – unlike conventional oil tanks that must be sited at least 1.8 meters away from buildings.

We offer a comprehensive range of fire rated oil tanks, from 900 litres to 2,500 litres. For more information, a no-obligation quote or to arrange a free site survey, please contact us.


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