Why not consider a new external oil-fired boiler to replace your old internal boiler?

External oil-fired boiler

So many potential customers are unaware that they have the option of replacing their old indoor oil boiler with an ultra-efficient, ultra-reliable external oil-fired boiler. External oil-fired boilers are purposely designed to operate outdoors in all weathers. Almost half of the replacement oil-fired boilers we install are external boilers. As well as freeing up internal space, opting for an external boiler eradicates internal noise and smells, while eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. With 97.4% efficiency, compared with 60-70% for an old oil boiler, you can achieve payback within months. Our ultra-reliable external oil boilers come with a 10-year guarantee. We install models from all leading manufacturers, including Firebird and Grant.

One of the reasons we enjoy talking with prospective customers is to dispel some of the assumptions that they may have about oil-fired heating systems. Just because an old boiler is currently installed in a kitchen or utility room doesn’t mean that you should, or need to, install a replacement oil-fired boiler in the same location. There can be significant benefits opting for a replacement oil-fired boiler that is located outdoors.


What are the benefits of replacing your old boiler with an external oil-fired boiler?

There can be significant benefits from choosing to replace an old indoor oil-fired boiler with a modern external unit. These include:

  1. You can free up space indoors. Removing an oil boiler from a kitchen or utility room frees up significant internal space, which can be used for other things, such as storage. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about matching your boiler with your kitchen colours or units. Many of our customers decide to remove their old internal boiler before having a major kitchen upgrade, extension or refit. If you are considering a new kitchen extension or refit, please do get in contact with us so we can go through all your options with you. Choosing to replace an old, inefficient boiler at the same time as a major kitchen development often makes a lot of financial sense. Even if you are not planning a major kitchen refit, our neat de-installations will ensure that you’ll be able to make most of the space freed up without the need for expensive redecoration.
  2. There is no indoor noise. By removing your old boiler from inside your home (typically a kitchen or utility room), you will eliminate any indoor noise generated. An old oil-fired boiler located in a kitchen or utility room can be noisy. There may be vibrating or humming sounds, made worse by air in the system. There may be significant start-up noises when the boiler fires up. Noises can be annoying in a kitchen that acts as the social hub in the home or the place for teenagers to do their homework! Our customers really appreciate the peace and quiet when their new external oil-fired boiler becomes operational.
  3. There are no smells. An old boiler located indoors always runs the risk of oil leaks developing, which can cause unpleasant smells. Locating a boiler outside eliminates the risk of unpleasant smells indoors.
  4. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Oil boilers, like all boilers that burn fossil fuels, produce carbon monoxide gas. In a properly fitted and maintained heating system, this carbon monoxide gas is safely carried out of your home through the flue exhaust. However, if this flue becomes blocked, there is a risk that carbon monoxide will leak into the house. Carbon monoxide gas is odourless, colourless and tasteless and can make you seriously ill if you breath it in. Locating a boiler outdoors removes any risk from carbon monoxide leaks.
  5. An external oil-fired boiler is very easy to service (or repair). An oil-fired boiler that is located indoors requires that a service engineer has indoor access to your boiler. In contrast, a service engineer can happily service or repair an external unit outdoors.
  6. A new external boiler will be much more efficient. With 97.4% efficiency, compared with 60-70% for a typical old boiler, you will save £100s per annum on heating oil by opting for a new external oil-fired boiler. Payback will usually be achieved within months of installation.
  7. A new external boiler will be ultra-reliable, having been designed to operate efficiently for many years in all weathers and temperatures. We offer 10-year guarantees on our external boilers from the leading manufacturers, including Firebird and Grant. We can offer the maximum extended manufacturer warranties because we are a Firebird VIP installer and a G1 installer for Grant.


There are several types of external oil-fired boiler to choose from

As shown in the figure below, there are several types of external oil-fired boiler to choose from. We can advise on the perfect model for your particular circumstances. As shown in the figure below, there are three main external oil boiler types to suit different outdoor placements:

  • external free standing oil boiler. The boiler is contained within a robust cabinet that protects the boiler in all weathers and temperatures. It contains inbuilt frost protection to ensure reliable operation in winter, even in extremely cold conditions. Since it is not directly attached to a wall, there is generally a great deal of flexibility on where the unit can be installed. The green cabinet perfectly blends in with most gardens.
  • external wall mounted oil boiler. The small boiler unit is self-contained and is attached to an external wall, such as a garage wall. We offer a choice of colours to match with your particular wall and bricks. With its compact dimensions, we find that this type of boiler can be fitted conveniently on most walls.
  • external wall integrated oil boiler. With this type of boiler, the boiler is part external and part internal and integrated into a wall. This means that the external part of the boiler does not stick out significantly from the external wall.Types of oil-fired boiler

Main types of external oil-fired boilers


We are happy to advise on which particular type would be best suited for your own home. For example, if you can send some photos, we’ll be able to advise you remotely. Alternatively, we are very happy to provide a no-obligation free site visit.

With any of our external oil-fired boiler types, you can opt for a conventional boiler (designed to operate with a water tank to store hot water) or a combi boiler (which does not require a water tank). With an oil-fired combi boiler, you only heat water that you use. This can be very efficient for smaller households, as explained in our guide:

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As your local oil heating specialist, please be assured that we are here to ensure that you opt for exactly the right boiler for your particular circumstances. So please do get in touch. We can provide a no-obligation quote for the installation of a new ultra-efficient, ultra-reliable oil-fired boiler, including the removal and disposal of your oil boiler. We will never be beaten on price. You can pay by credit card (with no fees) or affordable pay-monthly finance, and our boilers come with a 10-year guarantee. Please contact us now.

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