Why now is the perfect time to upgrade to an oil combi boiler

Paul BraybrookeIn the current environment, households in our region are experiencing large increases in their energy costs. We have noticed a big increase in the number of people enquiring about having an oil combi boiler installed. There hasn’t been a better time to upgrade to an oil combi boiler, to bring down high heating costs and achieve payback within months. With high inflation, oil boiler prices are inevitably going to increase in the future. Upgrading a boiler now means that you’ll pay the lowest price possible for a replacement boiler while benefiting from heating cost savings for many years to come. For more information, please contact us.


What is an oil combi boiler?

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An oil combi boiler provides immediate hot water when it is needed.  An oil combination or ‘combi’ boiler combines a central heating boiler and water heater in a single unit. It is different to, and simpler than, a traditional oil boiler system, where there is a separate hot water cylinder (used to store hot water before it is used) and a cold-water storage tank in the loft to feed the hot water cylinder. With an oil combi boiler, you only heat the water you use – when you use it.


What are the benefits of upgrading to an ultra-efficient oil combi boiler now?

Upgrading to an oil combi boiler offers many households significant benefits, which include:

  • Heating of water is ultra-efficient, saving on heating bills, because you are only heating the water you use when you use it. Hot water stored in a traditional hot water cylinder may never be used and will cool the longer it is stored
  • On top of water heating cost savings, a new oil combi boiler will be much more energy-efficient than the boiler it replaces, so will consume much less oil for heating your home. In our article Replacing Your Existing Oil Boiler with an Ultra-Efficient Model Can Save Over £20,000, we show how much money you can save using real oil prices and boiler specifications. As an example, a household with an old 60%-efficient boiler and typical annual oil consumption of 2500 litres, would reduce oil consumption by 37% to only 1579 litres. That will result in a huge cost saving for every single year.
  • Since there is no hot water cylinder or loft storage tank, there’s no risk that these will leak or deteriorate, or require replacement. There is no risk of loft pipework freezing. Fewer system components mean fewer things to go wrong, eliminating nasty price shocks for the future.
  • You get more space back in your home from not needing a bulky hot-water cylinder or cold-water storage tank in your loft.
  • A new oil combi boiler will add much more value to your home than it costs, and this is on top of the considerable annual heating bill savings. In our article Replacing Your Boiler is the Most Profitable Home Improvement, we discuss the analysis of the profitability of many different types of home improvement carried out by GoCompare and property expert Henry Pryor. According to their analysis, installing a new boiler generates the greatest profit of the many home improvements they considered, including solar panels, new kitchens, double glazing and new bathrooms.
  • With inflation being so high, and expected to remain so, you will avoid any future rises in the price of oil combi boilers by seizing the opportunity to replace your boiler now. The sooner you have a replacement boiler installed, the sooner you will start saving on heating bills – when oil prices are at a relatively high level.


Is an oil combi boiler suited to all households?

An oil combi boiler brings benefits for many households. Oil combi boilers account for about a third of the oil boilers we install across Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. A traditional boiler system may be a better option for properties where a lot of hot water can be used at the same time (for example, larger houses with multiple occupants and/or multiple bathrooms). Having a hot water cylinder can also be useful for homes with solar panels where self-generated electricity can be used to power the hot water cylinder for ‘free’ heating.

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For households where a traditional boiler system is the best option, there are still huge advantages from upgrading to a replacement ultra-efficient traditional boiler in terms of energy efficiency and adding value to your home. Don’t worry about whether an oil combi boiler would be best for your particular circumstances. We offer a free site survey to help you decide. For more information, please visit our page:

New and Replacement Oil Combi Boilers in Cambridgeshire and East Anglia


We will never be beaten on price. We offer flexible payment options. You can now pay by credit card (with no fees) or spread the cost of a new oil combi boiler with affordable pay monthly finance. To get in touch, for more information, a no-obligation quote or to arrange a free site survey, please contact us.


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