Power flushing your central heating system can reduce heating bills by 20% according to Which?

Power flush

Power flushing your central heating system is one of the most affordable ways you can significantly reduce heating bills, and will extend the life of your existing boiler, radiators and pipework. By dislodging and removing sludge, limescale and debris from your radiators and pipes, you can reduce your heating bills, improve heating performance and prolong the life of your entire central heating system. We recommend power flushing your system every five years to ensure it is operating at maximum performance.

Particularly if you’ve never power flushed your central heating system before, accumulated limescale, sludge and debris will significantly reduce heating performance. According to Which?, a sludged heating system can increase annual heating bills by 25%.

Clogged boilers are a leading cause of premature replacement. According to British Gas, 87% of boiler breakdowns are due to dirty water in a heating system. If this sludge is not regularly removed, it can cause unrepairable damage to the boiler’s heat exchanger, and required expensive replacement. As well as minimising unnecessary costs, power flushing eliminates radiator hot spots and provides more reliable hot water.

If you are replacing your existing boiler, we recommend that you also power flush your central heating system. This will not add significantly to the cost while maximising the longevity of your new boiler and boosting heating performance and efficiency.

A power flush involves the use of a powerful pump, combined with chemicals to thoroughly clean an entire central heating system. We use the best, most modern pumps available to successfully dislodge and remove harmful sludge and debris. While some providers undertake what is termed a ‘gravity flush’, which simply involves draining the water from a central heating system and replacing it with clean water, a power flush is much more effective to removing sludge according to Which?

Power flushing is an affordable, no-hassle way to cut heating bills. Our power flushes only take a day so your boosted central heating system will be working the same day. There will be no mess and we get rid of the waste water and debris in an outside drain.

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